Wednesday, March 19, 2014

A benefit of the closure of the Capitol 6

The current building that housed the Capitol 6 movie theatre and parking lot behind it are 5200 square meters in size.   This is a large enough space that it could be another Atrium building or several Juliets.   A significant development on this location would give a strong anchor between all the development further east at Harris Green and the traditional core of downtown on Douglas Street.

Whatever is built at this location needs to add to the vibrancy of downtown.  The loss of another movie theatre is a loss in the evening vibrancy of downtown.   Movie theatres have traditionally been one the major evening draw for people into downtown.   I suspect this is an issue in many cities around the world as the idea of a movie theatre dies out, but what will replace them as a reason for large numbers of people to gather in the evenings?

In general there is a stretch along Blanshard between Broughton and Yates that is remarkably low density given that this is downtown    There is a potential for a lot more offices and residences right at the core of downtown.

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