Thursday, August 27, 2009

A New Downtown Library

Greater Victoria needs to build a large central library in the core of the city. I would love to see something that is a world renowned building and place the idea of library and learning at the core of the city.

Ideally I see this as being a library on the scope and scale of the library in Vancouver. The Vancouver Public Library serves about 550 000 people and the GVPL serves about 300 000, the two libraries are comparable in size so the idea of a public library like the one in Vancouver is hardly unrealistic.

I would go further and make this new library the central library for BC, it should incorporate the BC Legislative library which needs a new home.

It would make sense to make this new central library a central hub of learning in the core of the city. It should house UVic, Camosun, and Royal Roads as educational partners. Ideally it would integrate with the school district, but that is not realistic in my mind.

Something on the scale of 400 000 to 500 000 square feet would seem to be a good starting point. The central branch of the Vancouver public library uses about 350 000 square feet.

I would like to see one public building in this region be the centre point of our region, to be a real landmark and to inspire us to greater things through more pride in our city.
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