Monday, August 11, 2008

Block Parties

I had been thinking about this idea for the area where I live. I would like to see the community associations in the area choose two weekends a year to encourage block parties as a way for all of us in the area to get to know each other better. Seems like I am thinking like Oak Bay is. This is from the Oak Bay News


Block Party initiative aims to increase sense of community

Oak Bay is encouraging community interaction with its new block party kit.

When applying for street closures, block party hosts will now receive balloons, pens and activity information inside a reusable community bag.

"It's just basically to try and increase the sense of community," said Coun. Hazel Braithwaite, a member of the community initiatives committee which is launching the kit. "We just hope it will give people more of an initiative to have a block party and to try and get to know their neighbours a little bit better. That in turn will just increase the sense of community in Oak Bay."

The committee has been looking at ways to give back to the community. One example is the recent release of the walking trails booklet. Braithwaite says block party hosts have been asking the municipality for information, so launching the kit was a perfect fit.

Even though the kit doesn't include a lot of information, it's a starting point. The committee plans to add more and hopes the public will provide feedback as to what they would like to see in the kit.

"If you can give the kids an activity to do during a block party, it just makes it more exciting for them and maybe makes them get to know each other a bit better as well."

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