Monday, October 20, 2014

Meaningful Interactions

Despite being an engaged and, I would humbly suggest, reasonably informed voter I still do not have a firm list of candidates I will be voting for, let alone, publicly endorsing. The raw information is there for most candidates (see Bernard's list) but I need to know more about the candidates and their position. Given that I will not see interviews or analysis on television (and who reads the newspaper anymore) all I am left with is personal interaction and public debates.

Public debates are few and not very useful. Few, at least for those of us who work during the day. Utility is suspect given the huge number of candidates and short duration. The only debate I have heard reports from so far described chaos and futility as candidates had time for less than 5 minutes each to introduce their platforms and answer questions. It helped not one wit that fringe candidates were disruptive or dismissive taking valuable time for incoherant rants and personal statements.

I did experience my first personal interactions this weekend at home in James Bay. Walking near Thrifty's I was able to take a minute or two and speak with Erik Kaye who was "mainstreeting" at the five corners with a few volunteers. He managed to navigate my overly aggressive questioning on the sewage treatment question and his answer to that issue alone was enough to secure my vote. I like evidence-based solutions which he seemed committed to implementing.

The other interaction I had with a candidate was John Luton who came to my door. Now while I have not decided all my choices I do know some that I will NOT be voting for and My Luton is near the top of that list. His support of the Johnson Street boondoggle and previous time on council left me with a very negative impression of his previous tenure and no appetite for more. I was very brusk with him but despite my wife's suggestion I waste his time and take his material I respect the process and effort he is making too much to treat him like a telemarketer.

How many more will I have the opportunity to see in person? Time will tell.

The Race in North Saanich

North Saanich has been a very divided council for the last three years.    The council is currently split with four councilors on one side and the mayor and two councilors on the other side.   I do not know if  the 2014 election is not going to change this dynamic.

The one side is called Team North Saanich and is made up of three sitting councilors, Dunstan Browne, Conny McBride, and Craig Mearns and are joined by two new candidates, Jack McClintock and Stephen Pearce.

The other side is mayor Alice Finall and councilor Celia Stock.  I suspect that candidates Heather Gartshore, Geoff Orr, Jack Thornburgh and Murray Weisenberger would be very much on the mayor's side.   Elsie McMurphy is the other current councilor that normally supports the mayor but she is not running again for council but switched back to the School Board.

The most interesting "wildcard" in the race is Dorothy Hartshorne.  She was a North Saanich councilor until 2005 after which she moved to the Cariboo.   She is back in North Saanich and now wants to be mayor.   She is politically connected with the BC Liberals having served as a constituency assistance for Donna Barnett.   She is not part of Team North Saanich but knowing the her political leanings and those of the Team North Saanich, I think she should be a reasonable fit with them.

So what is the North Saanich election about?

Broadly the election is about three major issues

  • How North Saanich should develop and if the Official Community Plan needs to change to allow for more housing.
  • How much should the city hall restrict what people can do with their properties.
  • How North Saanich looks after its finances.

An example of an issue that has divided North Saanich is the Canora Mews development.  The project is located on a small triangle property between Canora Road, East Saanich Road and the road running out to the airport.  

The development is in my opinion a smart use of a property that had few other realistic uses.  It was much too small to have any functional value for agriculture    The development adds 40 houses into a rather small area of land.   It also adds density next to areas of existing density and finally it is located only 750 meters from the MacTavish transit exchange.   But....

There is opposition to the development because it is adding any density in North Saanich and it is seen as the thin edge of the wedge for a lot more higher density in North Saanich.  Areas next to developed parts of Sidney could see higher densities.  These areas were originally not within the urban containment boundary.  

The opposition to the current council majority is clearly quite vocal but will this manifest itself in a large voter turnout to elect a new council?

I know that Team North Saanich is making a big deal about over regulation of private property by North Saanich especially in relation to bylaws arising from the 2007 OCP.     The issues seem to be around the tree bylaw, access to the water for waterfront properties and finally the Fire Hazard bylaw.

Finally, there is a concern about the cost of local government from Team North Saanich.  Even with Airport and BC Ferries North Saanich has relatively high per capita property taxes of which almost all of that is borne by residential property owners.  At the same for a "rural" municipality it seems to spend a lot.  I can understand why some people in North Saanich wonder if they are getting value for money.

What is a likely outcome of the election?

With ten candidates running for six council positions the majority of the people on the ballot will be elected.  

Based on the 2010 by-election I think the Team North Saanich will have a strong core vote that only votes for the Team North Saanich people on the ballot.  This should mean very little benefit for other candidates from voters for the Team North Saanich.  Based on the 2011 election and 2010 by-election I see a significant core of support for Team North Saanich.  I think Team North Saanich incumbents will be re-elected and the two candidates have a strong chance of being elected.

I do not see any evidence of a strong campaign from Jack Thornburgh and Murray Weisenberger which would say to me they are likely to be on the bottom.  Jack did come very close to be elected in 2011 but there were only two incumbents in that election.

Celcia Stock is an incumbent and I do not think she will be defeated.

Finally, Heather Gartshore and Geoff Orr are both running serious campaigns and should have a shot of winning but that really depends on which part of North Saanich comes out to vote.  I think the Team North Saanich core vote is larger than those opposed to them.  I think the two of them will be close to be elected but not make it.

Alice Finall has been mayor for two terms but only did not have an opponent in 2011.  In 2008 she defeated the sitting mayor Ted Daly 55% to 45%.  Her election and the council elected in 2008 seems to be have been the catalyst for the creation of Team North Saanich.  

I know there are people rather upset with how she has been treated by the majority of the council but will this be enough to keep her elected?

Dorothy Hartshorne was a North Saanich councilor nine years ago.  She has been living in the Cariboo back is back in North Saanich now.   Does she have the team in place to meet enough people to have a chance of winning?   Can she step into the bickering council realm?  Will Team North Saanich supporters vote for her?  

I have no idea how the race for mayor will turn out.

An interesting post from my friend Chris Coleman about elections and campaigning on a Sunday

Chris Coleman is a City of Victoria councilor running for re-election and a friend.

Chris posted this to Facebook today and I thought I would repost it here because it is an interesting anecdote about elections and campaigning:

VICTORIA Municipal Election Update...............27 days to go to polls closing!
Sundays are funny days in campaigns!
For those of us belonging to one of the Faith Communities, at least one day a week is involved in the public observance of that belief. In North America, we are used to Sunday for such observances, but each Faith will have its own prescribed traditions....and they do vary! But to talk about Faith as pertaining only to "organized religion" is a mistake. I have many friends who are incredibly "Spiritual" but have no relationship with temples, synagogues, churches, halls of assembly........indeed, many of my friends find their sense of "peace, place, direction & humanity" while they are hiking,.... or gardening ....... on the water .... in the forest ......helping others.......being alone!

I raise this topic because Judith & I were on duty yesterday morning at Christ Church Cathedral (as we are 4 or 5 months a year). We act as "sides-people" (or greeters); it means we stay at the back of Church "keeping an eye" on things, as the clergy run the service of worship. It also means that we arrive early & hand out "orders of service" (or for those of you with a sports or theatre background,.....think "programs"). As is my norm, I choose to greet people outside the Cathedral, on the sidewalk......and chat with all sorts of folks who are merely passing by.

Yesterday was gloriously sunny & I was doing "my thing" when one of the passers-by said "I can't believe you're campaigning in front of a Church !!!" When I explained that I was welcoming folks to the service, there was a bit of a "hrrrumph" & they walked on. I was slightly bemused.

Yesterday afternoon, I was going "door-to-door" in the Fairfield neighbourhood, handing out pamphlets & engaging in conversation with passers-by on the sidewalk. A person approached me & said: "It's great to see you talking with the general public on any topic.....good job !". I was once again, slightly bemused.

I think the ultimate goal of both "Good Governance" & "Spirituality" is to build "Better & Safer community ....for Everyone". In order to do so, we need to involve the full demographic spectrum; & we find those folks in a myriad of locations....on the City our commercial centres .................. & on the sidewalk (even in front of a Church!).
27 days (including 3 more Sundays!) to go!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Shaw TV will be offering airtime to candidates

This is the email that has gone out to candidates about the offer of 2 minutes on air for each candidate.  I have no memory of Shaw having done this in the past.  It seems that various media are actually going to put in more effort into this election than in past ones

Text of the email sent to candidates:


Shaw TV is pleased to provide 2014 Municipal Election candidates with an opportunity to present their platform to our viewers.  Each candidate will have two (2) minutes of airtime to present their platform speech, which will be packaged together with the speeches of other candidates in your municipality.

We are scheduling appointments for each candidate to come to our Shaw TV Victoria Studio, located on the Caledonia Street side of the Save On Foods Memorial Arena and record their speech.  Each candidate will be offered a 10 minute length of time to be briefed by our production staff and to record their 2 minute platform speech.   All times are booked on a first come – first scheduled basis.  Times are rapidly filling up, so we advise to call/email as soon as possible.  Final video taping times are being booked for Tuesday, Oct. 28th, 2014.

This will be an important opportunity to access airtime prior to the November 15th election. 

A variety of video taping times will be available for you to choose from, beginning with:
Friday, Oct. 17 – (9am to 4:30pm) a few later afternoon spots available
Monday, Oct. 20th – (9am to 7:30pm) lots of available times
Tuesday, Oct. 21st – (9am to 7:30pm) lots of available time
Friday, Oct. 24th – (9am to 12 noon) lots of available time
Monday, Oct. 27th (9am to 7:30pm) lots of available time
Tuesday, Oct. 28th (9am to 7:30pm) lots of available time

It is imperative that we hear from you at the earliest possible time due to production resources being very much in demand prior to the Municipal Election.  To schedule your time, please contact Kim Robinson at (250) 475-7202 or by email

The platform statements will be broadcast on Shaw TV prior to the election. 

Monday, October 13, 2014

1993 City of Victoria Election Results

Thank you to Rob Randall for getting this info to me

  1. Bob Cross           5624 sitting councilor 
  2. David Turner        4298 (-1094)(inc)  
  3. Jim MacMillan Murphy 106
  1. Geoff Young         5316 (-2075)(inc)
  2. Helen Hughes        4293 (-1807)(inc)
  3. Alan Lowe           4754 (-1990)(inc)
  4. Laura Acton         4666 (-1851)(inc)
  5. David McLean        3586
  6. Pamela Madoff       3302
  7. Bob Friedland       3262
  8. Jane Lunt           3124
  9. Bis Whitby          2956
  10. Dave Davies         2897
  11. Chris Coleman       2825
  12. Beth R. Loring      2770
  13. David A. Richardson 2612
  14. Kay Lines           2135
  15. Sandra Hudson       1913
  16. Deborah J. Cameron  1768
  17. Alison Boston       1064
  18. C. Joe Richards      955
  19. Diana Smardon        922
  20. George Hall          912
  21. David Shrive         801
  22. Edward Robinson      761
  23. Rania Hatzioannou    533
  24. Sean Michael Murray  452
  25. Denis F. Oliver      291
Numbers in brackets are change from 1990 results

Past Election Results

For all the candidates out there - Halloween and Election Signs

This is a quick post to all the candidates out there that are running.

It is important you consider taking down your signs on October 31st for one day.   It is especially bad this year because Halloween is on a Friday night,  The city will be full of drunk people who will think it is fun to destroy election signs.

I have been involved in campaigning for over 30 years and the single worst night for sign destruction is Halloween.   I expect most of the signs on public spaces to be trashed on that night.   I expect even on private lawns for many of them to knocked down or stolen.

What you need to think about is distance to a bar or a big Halloween party.   Next thing to consider is any high visibility locations especially near major bus stops.  

The bigger coroplast signs will be spray painted, knocked down, split in two, disappear, or set alight.    The smaller signs will be ripped and their metal frames will be bent enough so that you can not use them.

The bigger the sign, the bigger the chance it will be destroyed or defaced.

I would suggest that all the candidates with signs up seriously consider taking them all down Friday afternoon.   Even if you are willing to endure the expense of the signs being destroyed, you are still the person responsible for tracking down and disposing of the wrecked signs.  If you do not take them down on October 31st, your campaign will spend more time on November 1st cleaning up the mess than the time it would have taken to take down the day before.   If you do not clean up, you will lose votes for the mess the signs make.

I have had to clean up partially burned coroplast signs, it is a mess and a waste or your time.  It is also a waste of money for your campaign

Why post who we support in the local elections?

This has become more important to state outright because Shawn DeWolfe and Ted Godwin are now collaborating with me on this website.    Here are several reasons to make it open and public about who we support in the local elections

First, is is much more honest and open if you know who we support.    We are citizens of Victoria with opinions, we are not neutral.  VictoriaVision is not a newspaper and we are not journalists.  If we did not say who we supported, that would not be transparent.

Second, we each think the people we support would be good politicians and we want to do what we can to help them get elected.   We also believe that it is important to actively promote people working for positive change.  You will see we do not agree on all the candidates.

Third, people have regularly ask us about who we would recommend in elections.   Since people ask, we provide.

None of this detracts from the major goal of this blog during local elections - providing the public with the information they need to make up their mind about who they want to vote for.

Finally, if you have reasons why you support someone and want us to post it, we will do that.  More information from more sources is never a bad thing and a better informed public is more likely to vote.

CFAX is asking all the candidates to answer complex municipal issues with a Yes or No

CFAX has sent out a questionnaire to all the candidates in the region.  Their approach is a very simplistic Yes or No answer to complex issues.   They are not allowing maybe or depends as options and then will not allow more than 50 words to explain your answer.   In fact they are saying that if you do not answer Yes or No they will not publish the results of that question.  They also will not allow a link to the candidate website to allow for a proper explanation.

There are many important and pressing issues for local government but some of the questions they are choosing to ask are things I have never heard any say are an issue.   Why ask about regulating personal mobility scooters, is that really one of the big pressing issues?

Here is how David Screech running for mayor of View Royal responded to this on Facebook:
Councillor David Screech
22 hrs · Victoria ·
I have been sent a survey by CFAX that I find impossible to answer. They demand only Yes or No answers to their questions. Most of the questions are ones where I believe a clear yes or no is not possible. One must always approach the Council table with an open mind and be prepared to listen to the Public, colleagues and staff before forming a definitive vote. I cannot commit to vote either yes or no on many of their questions so will not be filling out the survey.
In the comments to this post there were responses from Charlayne Thorton-Joe (Victoria), Denise Blackwell (Langford), Ben Isitt(Victoria) and Judy Brownoff(Saanich) about the problems with the survey.  Only Cairine Green, running for mayor of Oak Bay, did not dismiss it outright.

CFAX is trivializing the election through this not well thought out questionnaire.

Here is the Questionnaire Email:
Hello from the C-FAX Newsroom.

This year, we are creating a web feature called the “C-FAX Candidate Guide.” It’s driven by listener requests for a way to gauge where candidates, across the Capital Region, stand on a range of issues.
Our listeners have told us what issues will be important to them when picking who to vote for. We are asking “yes” and “no” questions on those subjects.
We request you complete the following questionnaire and reply to this email address as soon as possible. The target date to launch the “C-FAX Candidate Guide” on our website is October 20.
However, we will continue to receive and post responses up to the election.

Along with your “yes” and “no” response, you may elaborate on your answer in no more than 50 words per question. To be fair to all candidates, any elaboration beyond 50 words will not be included.  Any answer that does not include a direct “yes” or “no” will not be included. Answers in the form of links to a candidate's website will not be included.
The questionnaire results will be posted on our website in separate sections for each district. The results also may be referred to in on-air discussions on C-FAX.
Thank you.

Please write responses in the space below each the question and include both in your response:

  • Would you commit to holding municipal property tax increases to no greater than the prevailing rate of inflation?
  • Would you vote to limit union and exempt staff pay increases to no greater than the prevailing rate of inflation?
  • Would you vote to keep infrastructure projects down to the most basic (cheapest) designs?
  • Do you think the Trans-Canada Highway-McKenzie intersection is the most important transportation issue facing the Capital region?
  • Do you favour a formal study of municipal amalgamation options in the Capital Region?
  • (if applicable) Should your municipality pursue a small scale, go-it-alone approach to sewage treatment?
  • Would you vote to for a sewage plant in your municipality?
  • Will you vote for policies and spending that would resurrect rail service on the E&N line?
  • Is it necessary to increase the size of sidewalks in your municipality?
  • Does your municipality need separated bike lanes?
  • Should the default speed limit be lowered in your municipality on some streets?
  • Should personal mobility scooters be regulated?
  • Is a deer cull necessary in your municipality?
  • Should secondary suites be legal in your municipality?
  • Does your municipality need more stringent noise regulations?
  • Do you believe the Capital Region’s mandatory summer time water use restrictions are necessary?
  • Should mayors be required to be a delegate to, and serve on committees of, the Capital Regional District Board?

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Table of how many candidates are running for office in each municpality

2014 is a fairly typical election year other than David Shebib running for mayor in all 13 municipalities.  We have 234 people and 246 candidates - David Shebib is why the two numbers are not equal

I may have to change this post because  I am not certain that the total numbers I have represent the final list for all of the municipalities.  I will not be 100% certain until Tuesday morning.

Here is a table breaking out how many people are running in each municipality for mayor and council, what the gender split is and finally how many of the incumbents are running again/

  Municipality          Total Number of Candidates
+ council size     Mayor Inc Men Women  Council Inc Men Women
Central San.  7      3    0   3    0      11     3   9    2
Colwood       7      4    1   3    1      12     3   8    4
Esquimalt     7      4    1   3    1      12     5   6    6
Highlands     7      2    0   2    0       7     2   2    5
Langford      7      2    1   2    0      14     6  10    4
Metchosin     5      3    1   3    0       7     2   2    5
North Saanich 7      4    1   2    2      10     4   7    3
Oak Bay       7      3    1   2    1      11     3   5    6
Saanich       9      3    1   3    0      13     8   7    6
Sidney        7      5    0   5    0      12     3   7    5
Sooke         7      3    0   2    1      10     4   6    4
Victoria      9      8    1   5    3      24     6  19    5
View Royal    5      3    0   3    0       6     3   5    1  
TOTAL        91     47    8  38    9     150    52  94   56
Inc = incumbent

School    Total number of Candidates 
Board     Trustees Inc Men Women
SD#61       13      7   3   10  
SD#62       18      7   7   11
SD#63       13      4   9    4
TOTAL       48     18  19   25

In this region we  have 234  people running for local office in 2014.   The total number of candidates is 246 - David Shebib is a candidate for mayor 13 times.  The extra one is Mick Hicks in the JdF electoral area, our only acclamation in 2014

A total of 79 of the 114 incumbents are running for re-election.

We also have seven sitting councilors running to be mayor and one councilor running in a new municipality, Max Johannesen  of Highlands is running in Oak Bay

David Shebib is running for mayor in all 13 municipalities

I think that by running for all 13 local municipalities David Shebib has set some sort of Canadian record.   I have run across people running for two municipalities at once and David did this in 2011 when he ran for mayor of Victoria and Saanich, but never anything close to 13 at once.

It takes some effort to get on the ballot for all 13 municipalities, finding the people willing to nominate him Metchosin and Highlands can not have been easy.

If he had no run for mayor in all the municipalities there would have been no race in Highlands or Langford.   It has been very long time since there has not been an acclamation for some mayor in our region.

I am really not sure what to make of his campaign.  I am going to meet up with him soon and hear from him what his goal is and how he will campaign.

His platform does not make sense to me.

This is from his campaign Facebook page:

Its official!
As of right now David Shebib is a mayoral candidate for each of the 13 municipalities that comprise Greater Victoria. Central Saanich, Colwood, Esquimalt, Highlands, Langford, Metchosin, North Saanich, Oak Bay, Saanich, Sidney, Sooke, Victoria, and View Royal.
Amalgamation through the mayor's chair. Police reform. Constitutional review of all Bylaws in each municipality. 
Support David Shebib for Mayor if you would like to see the following actions vigorously worked towards:
a) every Bylaw that does not presume conscientious behaviour corrected by the same people who had the Appeals Court of BC recognize the right to sleep,
b) a campaign to raise awareness of what it means to be conscientious,
c) a moratorium on the buying and selling of land while its presumed ownership is investigated,
d) sanctioned tent-cities with Chief of Police hopeful David Arthur Johnston residing in one,
e) massive volunteer gardening projects backed by the City Parks department,
f) an acceptance of the extent of municipal debt and the necessity of not acting like we get our own lives until it is paid,
g) the addition of color to police uniforms,
h) a required sensitivity training for police so that they may learn how to determine conscientious behaviour and thereby greatly reduce the 'revolving door' aspect of the court system,
i) crack made illegal,
j) the removal of the terrorist preparation mentality from the police force, including but not limited to taking out protective glass front desk barriers and having station 'open-houses',
k) and the acknowledging and the working away from the monopoly on necessary services that the Capital Regional District (CRD) currently holds.
David can do the job, you just have to vote.
Peace and patience be with you.
I have to admit I do not understand some of his planks, specifically (a), (c) and (i).   I will ask him about what he intends with those when I meet with him.
This is a video from 2010 that might give people some idea of who David Shebib is

A couple of new things for Victoria Vision

I am happy to have Shawn DeWolfe and Ted Godwin collaborating with me during the municipal elections to raise the issues that matter to all of us.  Both of them will now be posting on the blog

We all bearded middle aged men with glasses that once attended UVic.  I am not sure what having all of those things in common says about us.

One new things this collaboration will bring is videos.  We will be producing a number of short videos related to specific issues in this election.   We were in Quadra Village this morning filming the first ones, though the downpour  may have some impact on the audio quality.   The first videos should be online within a few days.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Stephen Andrew Launches Campaign to be Mayor of Victoria

This morning at 10 am Stephen Andrew launched his campaign to be the next mayor of Victoria;    He had about 50 supporters backing him and was watched about 40 members of the public and the media.   This may not sound like a large crowd, but for a municipal race it is actually pretty good.

I had heard a rumour that he might be in the race since last Friday and had it confirmed Tuesday evening.   He is entering the race very late.  Normally I would dismiss anyone starting on the last day of nominations as not being a serious candidate, but Stephen Andrew is a different situation because he is already a well known person in the region from his time in the broadcast media.

His entry makes for four strong serious candidates for mayor of Victoria.  As far as I know this is the first in Victoria history this has happened.  It is too early to be certain what the impact he will have on the race and what chance he has to win but I make the following observations:

  • His entry is bad for Ida Chong because he will take a significant number of votes from her
  • His impact on Ida Chong's vote harms the message from the Dean Fortin campaign that voting for Lisa Helps splits the vote and would then elect Ida Chong
  • His entry into the race removes Lisa Helps' position as the only serious candidate outside of the traditional partisan divide in BC politics
  • With four strong serious candidates in the race, the City of Victoria mayor's race will take up a lot of the local election media coverage which will benefit Stephen Andrew because he can present himself better in broadcast media than the other three

Here is a video I made with my phone of the campaign launch

Cool Infographic about Amalgamation

Sunday, October 05, 2014

Looking at Saanich Elections from 1996 to 2011

Saanich has had a fairly consistent council over the last 18 years

This is a table of all people who ran in 1996 or later for Saanich council and were elected at some point.   The numbers are the vote totals in each election.   Red indicates an election loss.

                2011  2008  2005  2002  1999  1996 
Frank Leonard  11151 11972   acc   acc 14602 13177
Susan Brice    13547 11246  8997    -     -     -
Judy Brownoff  13298 11342  8376  8758  9725  8158 (inc)
Vic Derman     12427 10805  8474  8084  7343  5288
Vicki Sanders  12358 10418  6805    -     -     -
Dean Murdock   11899  9079   -    4667    -     -
Leif Wergeland 11740  9860  8399  8093  9391  7008
Paul Gerrard   10681  8474  5646    -     -     -
Nichola Wade    9437    -    -    7546 (won 2001 by-election)
Wayne Hunter      -   9031  6929    -     -     -
Jackie Ngai       -     -   7483  7968  9010    -
Carol Pickup      -     -     -   9318  9835  9026
David Cubberly    -     -     -   9146  8672  7418
Bob Gillespie     -     -     -   7626  9296  8956 (inc)
John Garrison     -     -     -   6384  8261  6935 (inc)
Sheila Orr        -     -     -     -   8894  7851
Ray Williams      -     -     -     -   3871  7192 (inc)
Ian Cass          -     -     -     -     -   6472 (inc)

In six Saanich elections 37 incumbent councilors have run for re-election and only 3 of them lost.

Past Election Results
2011 2008 2005 2002 2001 by-election 1999 1996

Friday, October 03, 2014

Ryan Moen - Victoria Council Candidate

Ryan and I met for a coffee last week because he is running for Victoria City Council.   He is a younger candidate, only 29.  A major concern of his is that the people his age are not able to live
in Victoria because it has become too expensive.  Almost everyone running talks about affordability but I think he is the one candidate who really understands what it means not to be an affordable city.

He is clearly thoughtful and intelligent with a passion for this city, all the sort of things I look for in candidates but he is running a one person campaign on no resources.   It feels to me like he entered the campaign on a whim to get some more notice for the issues that matter to him.  There is nothing wrong with that, but I prefer candidates are seriously trying to get elected.

Ryan has some interesting ideas on how to change the city for the better and I wish there was a better forum or process for his talent and ideas to be used for all of our benefit.   Running in the local election is in theory a way to raise awareness about ideas an issues but because we have 13 municipalities it is very hard to actually get any notice.  

I will follow Ryan and see what he does over the next years with interest, he is unlikely to do well in this election, but I expect we will more of him in the future.

Fred Haynes - Candidate for Saanich Council

I had a chance to meet Fred Haynes a couple of weeks back and I was impressed.  He is running for Saanich council and I think would make an interesting addition to the council.

Fred would make a good councilor for a number of reasons:

  • He is outgoing and not shy to speak with people
  • He listens well
  • He is intelligent and has an analytically mind
  • He strives for excellence

These are all qualities that are important to me when making a decision on who to vote for.   In the case of Saanich he brings one more important quality, I think he will shake things up.

I like a lot of the current councilors in Saanich but I feel that overall that the municipality is without any real vision or direction.   It is as if the status quo is good enough.  I think the council needs someone to be elected that can  bring some passion to the council table.  I think Fred Haynes can do that.

Saanich is the largest municipality in the region, it should be functioning as the defacto leader for the Greater Victoria.   It will only get there if the sense of complacency that pervades city hall is challenged